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Jane Beevers -
Movement Teacher

- Functional Range Conditioning
- Anatomy Teacher Training
- Biomechanics
- Integrated Kinetic Neurology 


Body Balanced

Surrey UK

- Joint health
- Yoga
- 1:1 assessments
- Studio classes

About Me
Movement teacher

About + offerings

- Joint health assessment 
(develop neurological control + strength through full range of motion)
- Studio classes
- Mobility + strength for your own goals
- Anatomy TT for yoga teachers

Teaching since 2009, teacher training from 2015, and leading Anatomy teacher trainings since 2017, my classes have evolved from teaching classic Hatha and Vinyasa to becoming a fusion of these practices blended with Western science.  With a particular interest in functional movement optimisation based in clinical and scientific research, my classes are a combination of joint strength training and yoga.  Influences include training with Orthopaedic surgeon Ray Long (founder of Bandha Yoga), Functional Range Conditioning (qualified FRCms and Kinstretch), Biomechanics and rehab-based Integrated Kinetic Neurology.

Having previously worked in the corporate world of finance for a futures trading analyst, before taking the leap from teaching part-time to full time in 2012, you can anticipate a combination of challenging mobility work (joint strength), yet accessible movement and familiar yoga postures for all levels of practitioner. You’ll learn how to strengthen and increase your ranges of motion throughout your whole body.


Enjoy learning the non-binary nature of strength and flexibility whilst having fun.

Bespoke 1:1s

Bespoke joint health

As an individual, your movement goals, ability to handle load, produce force + build capacity throughout your tissues, joints and nervous system are unique. Click below to get in touch for an assessment.

Anatomy Teacher Training for Yoga Teachers

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Teacher trainers + Yoga Studios - contact me
here.  I teach Anatomy relevant to teaching asana in a fun, playful + educational way.

Let's connect on Instagram

I teach musculoskeletal anatomy in person. These sessions are practical, fun and accessible. Our aim is always how to effectively use our growing knowledge in the specific context of teaching

yoga asana in a non dogmatic way.

A manual is included - which


- Basic anatomical terminology + gravity +   

asana + the Nervous System

- Respiratory mechanics

- Joint ROM + Bones + Muscles + Connective Tissue

- Tasks throughout the manual to test your growing knowledge

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