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"Challenging, fun classes"

As a relative newcomer to yoga, I find myself choosing Janes classes more than any other on our studio schedule. She's incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and approachable and is always delighted with whatever little breakthroughs my unsupple body offers me during any practice.


I always appreciate her strength and core work as she makes it so much fun.  Jane ends every class in such a spiritually soothing way that I've learned to thank my muscles rather than curse their tightness. I can't recommend her enough.

- Jane

"A Combination of Energised and Relaxed"

It's Jane's playful, challenging and supportive style of teaching that influenced me to do my teacher training. She supported me throughout my training and I certainly wouldn't be where I was today if wasn't for her!

Jane is extremely knowledgeable about the physical and philosophical practice of yoga and is continually looking to develop herself further. I feel safe to try the more challenging poses in her classes and equally not pressured when it's not for me.

After Janes class I feel a combination of energised and relaxed, I quite often taken a longer savasana and maybe a little snooze!

Simply one of the best teachers EVER!

- Amanda

"Tough, fun, friendly, spiritual & all round top yoga teacher"

Whether experienced or a complete noob (like me) you are always guaranteed to get something out of Janes classes. She will push you all while having fun and keep the harmony flowing through your body.


Outside of the studio Jane is one of the friendliest people I know, making that extra effort to remember everybodys name. It's the small touches that count.

- Shaun

"Janes lovely yoga"

Jane is a beautiful teacher.  Her classes are different, well thought-out and focused.


The classes are always challenging but safe, with a hint of humor.  A truly gentle soul and a pleasure to be taught by her.

- Tracey

"Absolutely Fabulous"

Certainly when it comes to hot yoga, Jane makes it an absolute pleasure for yoga to be part of one's routine because the results appear to be worth every moment held in that posture, move or strength work that Jane will put you through.


Honestly speaking, an absolutely fabulous teacher who is worth traveling that extra mile to attend for body, mind and soul well-being.

- Lesley

"My favorite hot yoga teacher"

I simply can not praise Jane enough as a Yoga teacher.  She is the reason I am still practicing hot yoga after four years. For me my yoga has to be hot and I need to be pushed to feel the real benefits, and Jane never disappoints, I am literally floating after a class.


I had to stop yoga for four months while I trained for a cycle ride.  My first class back in the hot room was with Jane and once again I am addicted.  Thank you for the great experience of every class.

- Lucy

I absolutely love Janes classes. She has super knowledge of the body and is very personable and friendly.


Jane offers advice and suitable adjustments and makes you feel at home in the studio and on your mat. I always looked forward to her classes!

- Tegan

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