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360 Spine
Spine Mobility Online Programs
(based in science) coming soon
Whether you spend hours every day sitting down, or you're very active - in order to move pain free, your spine needs to function as it was designed to function, in all of its ranges of motion. 
These programs are for anyone who would like to improve the mobility of their spine - at any age or fitness level (beginner to intermediate, and advanced). Specific joint strengthening applicable to your own movement practice (any sport, yoga, running, cycling, climbing, swimming - insert your own), and simply maintaining the health of your spine is, and should be a key practice in its own right, if we wish to move freely and with control. 
Modern life has made it easy for us not to have to move in in the way our bodies were biologically designed to.  
If we stop moving our joints through their full ranges of motion on a regular basis, we eventually lose the mechanoreceptors within the joint capsule, along with the movement itself. 
Building ranges of motion we can control creates not only strength in those ranges, but articular and neurological health.  Surrounding tissue adapts to feedback the brain receives directly from the joints.
Weakness in the joints of the spine can also create problems for the hips, the shoulders and surrounding structures.
The human body is remarkably adaptable, given the appropriate, active input.  
Mobility training is STRENGTH TRAINING for your joints.
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